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Dear Concerned Citizens, 


Please write to the Hearing Examiner citing your position against expansion of  the Yacolt Mountain Quarry. Here is an example letter. 


Dear Hearing Examiner,

Please do not allow the expansion of the Yacolt Mountain Quarry (YMQ).  Clark County admits to a lack of resources to enforce the codes already governing quarry operations. Require that the YMQ prove they can comply with the current Conditional Use Permit before rewarding them with an expansion. Residents have long endured the noise, concussive blasting, dust clouds, surface & groundwater issues, and gravel trucks with pups dominating steep windy roads and cracking windshields. We request a third party SEPA review and landslide assessment before moving forward. Livability in North County has been damaged by the YMQ for far too long.     


Back-up information is available on this website. Your input is very important. Once the application is approved, the rules governing the quarry operation will be set, probably for the life of the quarry.



Express your concerns by emailing richard.daviau@clark.wa.gov.  Address the email: "Richard Daviau and Hearing Examiner", Subject: 'Yacolt Mountain Quarry Expansion PAC-2021-000048". If you are a Clark County resident, please include your name, address, and zip code.

You are invited to "cc" eastforkcommunitycoalition@gmail.com.


"Letters to the Editor" are encouraged. 

The Columbian portal: https://www.columbian.com/lettertotheeditor 

The Reflector portal: https://www.thereflector.com/forms/letters

Clark Co Today portal: https://www.clarkcountytoday.com/submit-letter-to-the-editor 


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