Meet the Scientists and Experts


In addition to drawing upon the considerable expertise of local citizens, the EFCC has partnered with the Thriving Earth Exchange (TEE) program, an initiative of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) The AGU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of earth, atmospheric, ocean, hydrologic, space and planetary scientists, consisting of over 62,000 members from 144 countries. The AGU is recognized as one of the premier scientific organizations in the world. With the help of the AGU, the EFCC has been able to obtain advice from university experts in the areas of landslide risk, geochemistry, surface and groundwater, and noise. 

Our sincere gratitude continues to grow for the expanding team of Scientists and Professionals. Documentation is divided up by issues, including scientific backing, and can be found on this website.  All write-ups are prepared specifically for East Fork Community Coalition, the River and its valley.

Dr. Mathias Basner, an expert on the impacts of noise on community health. Dr. Basner has a TED talk: “Why noise is bad for your health - and what you can do about it”

Dr. Michael Hendryx, Formerly Washington State University, now Professor at Indiana University Department of Applied Health Science in School of Public Health

TED Talk: The Shocking Danger of Mountaintop Removal…and why it must end

Dr. Joseph Wartman, University of Washington Professor of Civil Environmental Engineering, Director, Natural Hazard Reconnaissance Facility

Pat Pringle, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, Research Geologist, WADNR Div. of Geology and Earth Sciences (now Washington Geological Survey)

Dr. Alyssa Shiel, Assistant Professor OSU’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Halle Morrison, Professor and Department Chair of Physical Science at Malcom X College, Chicago; AGU hydrologist


Dr. Karen Hudson-Edwards, Professor Camborne School of Mines, Environmental & Sustainable Mining Institute


Local Experts

Richard “Dick” Dyrland, Federal Regional Hydrologist. Retired

Jim Byrne, Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Retired

Charlie Crisafulli, USFS Research Ecologist at Mt. St. Helens and in Patagonia, Retired

Last but not Least, Gratitude to our Sponsors at Patagonia and for the generosity of their many Actionworks and Catchafire professionals.


Special thanks to:

Cate Redfern, Adansonia Consulting

Ciara Ripperger,

Robert Onchangu

Vidya Belkhale,

The list continues to grow.